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        1. Customer Service

          As a clean energy leader, we believe our customers deserve our best efforts each and every day.

          Exceeding Customer Expectations

          At NextEra Energy, we strive to exceed customer expectations. We take great pride in delivering affordable, reliable and clean energy, and we know how much our customers depend on it. That's why we do our best to communicate effectively, provide products and services that are innovative and easy to use and track our performance to continually improve how we deliver a superior and effortless customer experience. 



          Digital Communications

          Our customers want to communicate with us quickly and easily. Most pay their bills online and want accurate information available online on a range of topics such as storm-related power outages and how to save energy and money on their monthly electric bills. As technology changes, FPL is employing a more customer-centric, proactive approach to communication and outreach.



          FPL.com and NextEraEnergyResources.com

          Improvements to FPL.com and NextEraEnergyResources.com have made customers' online experiences simpler, easier and faster, with the option to view via computer, tablet or smartphone. Customers can use their myFPL Account to easily view account and bill information, energy use and more. On NextEraEnergyResources.com, customers can learn about the company's work and how it can help them meet their renewable energy goals.



          FPL App

          Customers can check their energy use, view or pay bills, report or check on the status of an outage, and even look ahead with the projected bill feature on the FPL mobile app.



          FPL Energy Manager

          FPL’s new online Energy Manager offers a set of tools to help customers track, learn about and control their energy usage so they can save on their energy bill.

          The FPL Energy Manager includes the new Energy Analyzer tool, which offers personalized ways to save as well as an enhanced Energy Dashboard that’s easy to use and provides bill projections and breakdowns to help customers understand their usage and save even more.



          Executive Contacts to Key Business Customers

          FPL’s Executive Contact Program matches the company’s executives with key business and governmental customers in our service area to strengthen relationships and obtain valuable customer and industry insights. It helps ensure FPL serves as a trusted partner for their business and energy needs.



          Online Outage Map and Outage Reporting

          Accessible via mobile devices, smart phones and tablets, FPL's PowerTracker is an interactive tool for customers and others that shows power outages in real-time by geographic region, and the degree of severity of those outages based on the number of persons impacted. Customers can report outages and track restoration progress. Outage information, map and reporting option can be found on FPL.com/Storm.


          FPL Call Center Assistant

          Addressing Language and Literacy Barriers

          The incredible diversity of FPL's 35-county service area extends from near the Georgia/Florida line, down through the Space Coast, into the urban areas of Broward County, the bustling neighborhoods of South Beach, and up the southwest coast to breathtaking vacation spots on Florida's Gulf beaches.

          At FPL, many of our informational brochures and customer letters that pertain to energy efficiency, payment options, assistance programs, storm preparedness and response and safety information are available to customers in English, Spanish and Creole. In addition, FPL.com offers customers the choice to view information in English or Spanish. 

          Additionally, more than 45% of our Customer Care Center staff is bilingual, speaking English and Spanish, and some can handle inquiries from our Creole-speaking customers. Our Care Center's Interactive Voice Response Unit provides account information to customers in both English and Spanish. For the hearing impaired, FPL uses the 711-relay system.

          SOCIAL MEDIA

          We're using social networks to talk about energy: how it works, how to save it, how its future is changing and how it impacts our customers and communities.

          NextEra Energy

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